Cult Wines

Cult Wines

Meticulously crafted treasures with limited production, exceptional blend of quality and character that stands the test of time.

Hostage Altamira

A unique single vineyard that genuinely expresses Paraje Altamira’s utopian terroir.

Spanning eleven acres with soil thriving for seventy years affirmed our purpose: to produce a Malbec that is a genuine expression of Paraje Altamira. On a quest to craft wines with soul, character, and a venerable past, we were captivated by the utopian terroir of the Paraje Altamira, Mendoza region, which held us Hostage with its enchanting high-altitudes, cool nights, sun-drenched mornings, and unique mineral-rich limestone soils contributed by the Tupungato volcano.

Paraje Altamira is a beacon in the viticultural world, forging wines of exceptional caliber and bold personality.

Our Hostage’s silky tannins and seductive mineral character are the fruit of an unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of our land.

1853 Old Vine Estate Heritage

Each glass holds over a century of history, echoing the resilience of Malbec’s original French ancestry brought in 1853.

Our single vineyard from La Consulta is a cherished heirloom of Malbec’s original French ancestry, with roots that trace back to 1853. It stood resilient while its European counterparts succumbed to the devastating phylloxera epidemic. Over the decades, while many vineyards turned to genetic modifications to bolster yield and resilience, the 1853 Old Vine Estate remained a beacon for Malbecs genetic heritage.

Twenty five-acre vineyard established in 1910 by the Bianchetti family, who emigrated from Italy, the vineyard stands as a living archive of the Malbec varietal, originally imported from France to Argentina by Michel Pouget in 1853. Through «layering», a time-honored viticulture technique, the vine’s ancestral DNA has been meticulously conserved.

Marcelo Pelleriti Blend of Terroir

A true expression of Mendoza’s diverse regions and varieties, combined together with incredible mastery, resulting in an exceptionally complex and layered wine.

The challenge behind our Blend of Terroir is to interpret nature and bring out the best possible wine. The goal is to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that captures the best the land has to offer, showcasing the diversity and complexity of Mendoza’s wine regions and varieties.

The Blend of Terroir is Marcelo’s canvas, where his talent shines through. With the ability to taste over a hundred different samples, he creates a blend in his mind, recalling components that will adjust perfectly. This blend is a true demonstration of his skill, revealing layers of complexity that celebrate the unique character of each terroir.

Marcelo Pelleriti Grand Cuvee

A timeless masterpiece meticulously crafted through rigorous selection at every stage of its development. Each component, singularly attractive and endowed with lavish attributes, represents the epitome of Argentine winemaking’s evolution. This wine is the culmination of unparalleled expertise, unwavering commitment, and profound passion, promising an exceptional journey through Argentine terroir and tradition.

Carefully chosen from the finest vineyard plots and micro-vinification barrels of the vintage, destined to create a timeless masterpiece. Meticulously crafted to be enjoyed in the present and to mature gracefully over the coming decades.

In our early days, the notion of creating a wine capable of aging for decades was merely an aspiration. Grand Cuvee stands as proof that, with expertise, commitment and passion dreams can indeed come true in the form of exceptional, age-worthy wines.
Grand Cuvee embodies excellence and unparalleled quality and showcases the evolution of Argentine winemaking, inviting to experience the journey through each carefully crafted bottle.

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