Marcelo Pelleriti and Miguel Priore are at the forefront of the wine world, infusing the industry with their distinctive expertise and a unified vision for the future.

In 2009, they forged a partnership harmonizing enology with business acumen with their first venture, “Marcelo Pelleriti Wines”, producing their first three barrels (900 bottles) of high-end wines.

Celebrating the artistry of winemaking, they purchased grapes from small producers, conducted vinification processes in an external winery, and finalized their vintages; labeling, branding, cellaring, and developing strategic distribution channels for their wines.

With its inception in 2023, Pelleriti Priore wine reflects a distinct style - a signature blend of quality and character that stands the test of time. Looking ahead, they embrace an ambitious objective: to craft the Grand Cru of the New World with a devout respect for its unique terroir and biodiversity.

Together, they have cultivated a community that reflects their shared entrepreneurial spirit by nurturing a collective rich in expertise, steadfastness, camaraderie, and integrity.

Marcelo and Miguel’s new venture aims to inscribe Argentina’s rich viticultural narrative into the broader context of global wine history.

Marcelo shares, «Finding Miguel along the way opened a world full of certainties for me, allowing me to create freely, to rest my mind. Only with that peace can one create and understand that personal and professional evolution goes hand in hand with the evolution of the market, with the evolution of cult wines

Miguel expresses, «Over the years, I have dedicated myself to the in-depth study and exploration of Mendoza’s distinct terroirs and the rich array of extraordinary wines they can yield. When Marcelo came forward with the idea for our collaboration, his certainty was infectious, and together, we embraced the chance to unite our dreams. My foremost ambition has been crafting iconic wines with a timeless appeal that allows us to transcend generations in global markets

At the heart of their operation is a team of highly skilled wine experts with over 250 years of combined experience in the nuanced art of wine crafting across 40 global markets. The company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence are values that have been fundamental to its continued growth and success. Marcelo and Miguel’s ambition is grand yet clear: to produce extraordinary wines that leave an indelible mark on the palates of wine lovers and enthusiasts but also magnify the prestige of Argentina’s wine heritage worldwide.

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